LancerBit is today's most powerful blockchain technology with Pos/Masternode support. It enables the approval of a transaction every 60 seconds.

LancerBit İnfo

Coin Specifications

Unlike the LancerBit classic pow coins. Because he does not encounter problems such as block locking.Protect your financial information. PrivateSend ensures your activity history and balances are private.

While the current solutions offer slow transfer rates and high transfer rates, LancerBit offers instant and fully anonymous transfers, making us a real money rather than a simple value!

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White Paper

LancerBit has been chosen POS/Masternode technology which is the most powerful blockchain technology of our day. It gives a transaction confirmation in 60 seconds.

General Information

Technical Information

Maximum Money Supply
65,200,400 LNB

Masternode Collateral Amount
5.000 LNB

Rewards per Block
50 LNB, reducing every year

Block time
60 seconds

Blocks per day

########## LancerBit Mining Structure ##########

LancerBit is not like other classic POW coins. Because of LNB block structure, blocks are never stuck. It always has a stable transaction.

Most of digital currency have slow transfer rates and high transfer rates. But LancerBit offers instant and fully anonymous transfers; It gives us a real money instead of a simple value.

POS & Masternode Structure

* Masternode

LancerBit is based on POS & Masternode mining. Masternode owners are entitled to 80% of the block award per block which are they find.

** POS Bet
You can help to network stablity with keep some LNB in your wallet and earn 20% of the block prize per block they find.

Development Process

########## LancerBit E-commerce Platform ##########

LancerBit is launching a new era in the world of cryptography with eCommerce solutions.

When you want to have a website or get any internet services on the Internet, you have to make the payment via methods like Paypal, etc. But now Lancerbit will help you about secure payment! You offer work and price for your needs and then a devoloper accepts your proposal and all process starts to be tracked by the Lancerbit platform. Once the developer delivers the work, you confirm the payment and it is added to his account automatically. Moreover, you will enjoy the %100 secure trade both in the sales and purchase sides.

LancerBit Future Plan

Q3 2018
Lancerbit e-commerce platform.

Q4 2018
Web Wallet Preparation
Join to Cryptopia Exchange
Join to Bittrex Exchange
Mobile Wallet Design

Q1 2019
Lancerbit Promotion Fair

Q4 2019 (Long Term Plans)
Hardware Wallets
Worldwide Valid Digital Payment Card (Visa or MasterCard Agreement)

Start doing something good with Lancerbit to leave a mark on you in the future.

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Wallet Download

You can download a free copy of our latest wallet software from the Lancerbit Github repository. We currently support wallets for Microsoft Windows (32-bit and 64 bit)

Windows Download Linux Download Source Code Download

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Exchange List

You can see the active exchange list. Soon more will be added.

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Masternode Details

Masternode Collateral Amount 5.000 LNB


LancerBit Manual Masternode Setup Guide - (Ubuntu)
What you will need:

A VPS cloud server running Ubuntu 16.04. We recommend Digitalocean as a provider.


PuTTY or similar SSH terminal software for connecting to your remote servers download
Some light Linux knowledge
This guide assumes you have already set up an Ubuntu cloud server through a VPS service provider. For instructions on creating a server, please see our Setup Guide for Windows Cold Wallet and Linux VPS Server before proceeding.

This guide also assumes you want to manually compile your masternode wallet from source code in the lancerbit-coin code respository. If this is not the case, please feel free to use our masternode all-in-one installation script. This script includes the option for compiling from source, but does the work of preparing your system and compiling the code for you.

Preparing your system
Before we start compiling, we need to make sure you new server has all of the required software, libraries, and resources you will need.

Step 1 - Use the package manager upgrade the operating system to the current version.
In your console, enter the following commands, one at a time:

sudo apt-get -y update
sudo apt-get -y upgrade

A lot of text will fly by as your system updates and installs the latest versions of basic packages and libraries. This process can take several minutes.

Step 2 - Install the build tools and libraries needed for your wallet
In your console, enter the following command:

sudo apt-get install -y build-essential libtool autotools-dev autoconf automake pkg-config libssl-dev libboost-all-dev

Step 3 - Install the bitcoin Personal Package Archive (PPA)
Lancerbit requires a version of the Berkely Database library that is no longer part of base Ubuntu installations, but it is provided by the bitcoin core team.

In your console, enter the following command:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:bitcoin/bitcoin

When asked to confirm, press the enter key to complete the installation

Then, update your package manager to download the contents of the new archive:

sudo apt-get update

Step 4 - Install the Berkely db v4.8 Libraries from the PPA
In your console, enter the following command:

sudo apt-get install -y libdb4.8-dev libdb4.8++-dev

Step 5 - (Optional) Install and configure UFW firewall
It is strongly recommended that you install a firewall that only allows traffic on the Lancerbitmainnet port (3499) and the ssh terminal port (22).

In your console, enter the following commands, one at a time:

sudo apt-get -y install ufw
ufw allow ssh/tcp
ufw limit ssh/tcp
ufw allow 3499/tcp
ufw logging on
ufw enable

Step 6 - Install system swap space
Software compilers are notorious memory and resource hogs, so even if your server has several 2 Gb of RAM, we still recommend installing some swap memory. Without it, your compilation could easily crash or go very slowly.

In your console, enter the following commands, one at a time:

cd /mnt
sudo touch swap.img
sudo chmod 600 swap.img
sudo dd if=/dev/zero of=/mnt/swap.img bs=1024k count=2048
mkswap /mnt/swap.img
sudo swapon /mnt/swap.img
sudo echo "/mnt/swap.img none swap sw 0 0" >> /etc/fstab

Step 7 - Download the Lancerbitsource code
Now it's time to clone the master branch of the Lancerbitsource code to your local system.

In your console, enter the following commands, one at a time:

git clone
cd lancerbit
Step 8 - Generate the automake files for your compile
In your console, enter the following commands, one at a time:

cd src

Step 9 - Compile the source
In your console, enter the following command:


This will begin the compilation process, which could run for quite a while and generate a lot of text on the screen. You may see various compiler warnings as the compile moves forward, but these can be ignored.

Step 10 - Install the binaries
Once compilation is complete, there are several binaries in the src directory. It's time to move them to a convenient location.

In your console, enter the following commands:

sudo make install

Step 11 - Start and intentionally crash the Lancerbitwallet
The first time you launch the Lancerbitwallet, it will complain about missing information in its configuration file, and immediately quit. This is ok, since the server creates a data directory before it quits, which we need for the next step.

In your console, enter the following command:

lancerbitd -daemon

After you see the error message, press the enter key to return to the command line.

Step 12 - Edit the configuration file
In your console, enter the following command:

nano .lancerbit/lancerbit.conf

This will open the empty lancerbit.conf file in the nano editor.

Add the following lines to the configuration; replacing the parts in brackets [] with your own data:




To save your file, press ctrl-x and then "Y" when asked to save the modified buffer.

Step 13 - Start the server
In your console, enter the following command:


The system will report Lancerbitserver starting and start downloading the blockchain data from the network.

Step 14 - Create a masternode private key.
In your console, enter the following command:

lancerbit-cli masternode genkey

The sever will respond with a long string...something like:


Copy this string to a local notepad file. You will need this key to set up your control wallet later.

Step 15 - Add the private key to your server configuration.
Now that a key has been generated, add it to the configuration file.

In your console, enter the following command:

nano .lancerbit/lancerbit.conf

Once your editor opens, add the following lines to end of the file:


Again, close your editor with ctrl-x, then Y and enter.

Step 16 - Restart your server
The final step is to restart your server, so it picks up your configuration changes and starts running as a pre-enabled masternode.

In your console, enter the following commands:

lancerbit-cli stop

Congratulations, your VPS masternode is now fully configured and running. Take note of your private key, and your VPS server's IP address, and return to the Prepare your local control wallet section of the Setup Guide for Windows Cold Wallet and Linux VPS Server

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